Dos nuevos cuadros de Senén Vila en Orihuela

López Martínez, Mª Cruz (1993)


Two new paintings by Senén Vila found in Orihuela, un Inrnaculate Conceptión (presenfly in the Museum of the Holy Week) anda Saint Francis Xavier (in the convent of Saint John the Baptist, of the Order of Saint Clare), corroborate his stay in the city and his injluence on the 17 th, -centuy painting of the zone (un example of which is the important painting in the refectoy of the College of Saint Dominic). The mentioned paintings enlarge the rich production of the artist preserved in Orihuela and confirm his Iiigh pictorial qualiv.

López Martínez, Mª Cruz (1993): «Dos nuevos cuadros de Senén Vila en Orihuela», Imafronte, 8-9, pp. 257-264.

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