Amor y Paz Brotherhood House

The Amor y Paz Brotherhood House holds a peculiar and important exhibition of pieces of religious art, relics and of the equipment that the brotherhood uses during Holy Week, as well as the three floats that procession at Lucena each Holy Tuesday. The principal sculpture of Christ is the work of Alonso Cano, one of the most relevant artists of the Spanish Baroque period and promotor of the Granadine school of sculpture. The sculpture of Our Lady of Peace and Love is the work of the imaginero (sculptor of religious imagery) Martínez Cerrillo and the Mystery of the Crucifixion was made by Pedro Muñoz de Toro, a local artist. Its facilities include a projection room with videos about Lucena’s Holy Week that offer a general vision of this unique tradition.

Address: C/ Viana, 24 – Lucena (Córdoba)
Contact: +34 606 08 53 87/
Opening hours: Visits only by appointment
Price: 2 €.