Caltanissetta Holy Week Museum

The Caltanissetta Holy Week Museum is located within an imposing cathedral. In the four side aisles there is an exhibition of pictures of Caltanissetta’s historical center that imitate the frescos that ornate our beautiful churches. The museum also counts with a conference room where visitors can enjoy films and documentaries that complete the tour. In the garden, during summer, we organize conferences and theatre plays, as well as cooking shows that unveil the secrets of Caltanissetta’s traditional Easter sweets. The visit is not only visual, it also appeals to our sense of smell and hearing. In fact, at Caltanissetta every celebration is accompanied by the characteristic sugary smell of our traditional nougat. With regards to sounds, during Holy Week’s festivities music bands, chimes and bells announce that the town is celebrating. The museum is an “urban temple” that sacralizes the town and the expression of faith of its people, a museum that narrates the way they manifest their beliefs.

Address: Via Rochester snc
Contact: +34 90 95 42 35/+32 99 49 91 07