Drawing Contest for Children

On the occasion of the 1st Day of the European Network of Holy Week and Easter Celebrations, the Network organize a Drawing Contest for Children in order to promote its celebrations of Holy Week and Easter. Through this Contest, the Network aims to share the way children all around Europe experience these celebrations, as well as the similarities and peculiarities of these traditions in each place.

*NOTE: Extension of the deadline for submitting works until October 4, 2022



First Prize for Individual Participation (first age group).

Pablo Pujante Sáez – 7 years old – Orihuela (Alicante, Spain)

First Prize for Individual Participation (second age group).

Daniela García Cañón – 11 years old – León (Spain)

First Prize Group Participation.

Duarte Costa Silva, Francisca Campos Machado, Matilde Ferreira y Gomes, Simone Maciel Fernandes and Tiago Silva da Costa – 9/10 years old – Braga (Portugal)