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Managing Committee

Who we are

Institutional Organization

The Board of Directors manages the association. Its members carry out their duties according to the statutes of the European Network of Holy Week and Easter Celebrations. It was renewed on March 12, 2024 and is composed by the following members:

Managing Committee members

Current “Caminos de Pasión” chair and Mayor of Puente Genil (Spain)

Sergio María Velasco Albalá

First Vice-Chairperson:
Braga’s Holy Week Commission (Portugal)

Cónego Avelino Amorim

Second Vice-Chairperson:
Lorca’s representative (Spain)

Santiago Parra Soriano

Orihuela’s representative (Spain)

Gonzalo Damián Montoya Alcocer

Viveiro’s representative (Spain)

Jesús Fernández Fernández

Committee member:
Frederick II Foundation’s representative (Italy)

Antonella Razete

Committee member:
Birgu’s representative (Malta)

Jhon Boxall

Committee member:
Skofja Loka’s representative (Slovenia)

Joze Stukl

Committee member:
Jelsa’s representative (Croatia)

Niksa Peronja

Committee member:
Ovar’s Holy Week Commission (Portugal)

Victor Nelson Santos Pacheco

Committee member:
Óbidos ‘s representative- Santa Casa da Misericordia de Óbidos (Portugal)

Carlos Orlando Rodrigues

Committee member:
Idanha a Nova’s Holy Week Commission (Portugal)

Antonio Silveira Catana

Committee member:
Gólgota Group- Holy Week Santa Maria da Feira (Portugal)

César Miguel da Silva Costa

Committee member:
Osuna’s representative- Caminos de Pasión route (Spain)

Rosario Andújar Torrejón

Committee member:
Priego de Córdoba’s representative- Caminos de Pasión route (Spain)

Juan Ramón Valdivia Rosa