“Holy Week in Baena” permanent exhibition

The Association of Holy Week Confraternities of Baena showcases the “Holy Week in Baena” permanent exhibition at la Casa de la Condesa (the House of the Countess). In this beautiful manor house, located in the historic center of the town, confraternities, brotherhoods, Roman centuriae and gangs (brotherhoods) of Jews display the different pieces, equipment, costumes and complements they use during the Holy Week. This exhibition brings the visitor closer to the interesting figure known as the Jew of Baena, which garments -that include a helmet with white (Judío Coliblanco) or black (Judío Colinegro) horse’s manes- usually attracts special attention.

Address: Calle Mesones, 37 – Baena (Córdoba)
Contact: +34 659 23 84 27/
Opening hours: Visits only by appointment
Price: Free entrance.