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The European Network of Holy Week and Easter Celebrations is open to new members who wish to join.

The diversity of creeds and religions existing in Europe, as well as the abundance of Holy Week and Easter celebrations, signify that the admission of new members in the European Network is a priority and a transversal objective to make it truly representative of the reality of all manifestations and to guarantee the operation of a solid and stable organization.

If you represent a town, city, or region where Holy Week and Easter celebrations have an important social and cultural impact and you would like to be part of this Network, please read the following information. We invite you keep on reading to know all the requirements and procedure of admission for joining the European Network.

The requirements of the celebrations that wish to join the Holy Week and Easter Celebrations Network are the following:

  • Singularity: celebrations that, due to certain circumstances, provide a differential value or offer specific values of interest.
  • Authenticity: those celebrations that have enjoyed clear continuity over time, with the necessary adaptations, but preserving most of their original values.
  • Validity: in the sense that the celebrations are fully implanted socially in the town and have a clearly defined bearing community.
  • Interest of external collectives: which can be assessed by the tourist interest that the celebrations attract and the recognitions and awards they have received.
  • The will to belong to the Network: measured in terms of the real degree of involvement of the collectives in each town and their interest in the project; shown by an agreement endorsed by the competent governing body with effective power in each case and a declaration in favor from the brotherhoods and confraternities involved.

The procedure of admission of new members is the following:

  1. Prior contact between the Network and the applicant town council/organization to explain the objectives of the Network, how it operates, the requirements for membership and the rights and obligations of members.
  2. Presentation of the membership application form by the town council/organization via email:
  3. The Scientific Committee will study the documentation presented and draft a report that justifies the recommendation of accepting or not the application and the fulfilment of the membership requirements.
  4. In the light of the report and of its own criteria, the Managing Committee, during a General Assembly, will be responsible for finally approving the admission or not.