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Scientific Committee

Who we are

Institutional Organization

One of the requirements for being granted “Cultural Route of the Council of Europe” is evidence of coordinated research between network members and the need for each of the celebrations to be researched by a group of multi-disciplinary specialists from different regions of Europe. This is the only way that the network can meet the “enhancement of memory, history and European heritage” objective.

To this end, the creation and correct functioning of a scientific committee are necessary in order to coordinate actions that demonstrate that the network has one common goal based on historical rigour and common heritage.

Scientific Committee members

The following researchers are experts of the Scientific Committee for the European Network of Holy Week and Easter Celebrations:


Rui Ferreira (Portugal)

  • Area: History


Julio Grande Ibarra (Spain)

  • Area: Rural development- Tourism

Ignazio Buttita (Italy)

  • Area: Anthropology-History

María Cátedra Tomás (Spain)

  • Area: Anthropology-History

Jean Yves Durand (France/ Portugal)

  • Area: Anthropology-Culture


  • Area: Communication

Patrizia Zambrano (Italy)

  • Area: Fine arts, art

Joze Stukl (Slovenia)

  • Area: Anthropology-History


  • Area: Orthodox traditions


  • Area: Musicology

Scientific Advisory Committee

The network has a scientific advisory committee that incorporates experts from different areas and countries of the network and that acts as support to the Scientific Committee.