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European Network of Holy Week and Easter Celebrations

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European Network of Holy Week and Easter Celebrations

Given the relevance of the deep-felt experiences linked to Holy Week and Easter traditions on the European continent, as well the varied and complex ways they are expressed, the idea of creating a new European cultural route arose, which reflects the values shared by many European countries.

At a time when efforts are being made to raise awareness to protect and enhance intangible cultural heritage expressions, we are convinced that this project could become a solid network that promotes unity and exchange between the different communities that share common ground despite living on the vast continent of Europe.



This section includes the annual reports concerning the activities carried out by the European Network of Holy Week and Easter Celebrations.

Based on the initiative of the Andalusian network “Caminos de Pasión”, which has soundly promoted its celebrations, the proposal was made to other European communities, which have unique Holy Week and Easter celebrations. Open to all religions and beliefs that commemorate the Passion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ and whose cultural heritage is a reference point in their respective countries and/or regions, the objective of this route is to showcase the diverse ways that Holy Week and Easter are celebrated in Europe while discovering their similarities.

The main objective for creating this European route is to advocate joint efforts and synergies to consolidate a model that preserves and promotes the Holy Week and Easter-related heritage of each of the communities involved.

While stimulating the preservation of this intangible, social heritage, the network shall also foster the development of these towns and cities as tourist destinations of excellence, not only due to their authentic Holy Week and Easter celebrations but also given all the other resources they offer visitors.